How SMS fits into the modern telecom picture

SMS Defined

The short message service or SMS, it’s small, it’s powerful.

Telephone conversations, SMS and internet connections get carried by a huge network. Could be a phone line, a wireless station or a fiber optic cable that connects you. These systems operate on the most microscopic level. This digital reality may or may not interest you. Yet, we can all agree that the quality of service and dependability of the network is what really matters.

You read a text message in 5 seconds. This tiny bit of love and business hums to the tune of 23 billion messages a day. Actually, texting is the most common cell phone activity. No wonder 98% of text messages get opened, because a short message is the sweetest. No one can resist that little bubble over the SMS icon.

Business has taken a careful but meaningful step into texting. Marketing and notifications by SMS are becoming more common.You can send a URL link in a text, get a quick yes or no response, promote an event or send a reminder. The humble SMS brings people into restaurants and keeps their banking and logins secure by delivering important messages.

Going a step further by using API and A2P integration technology, the SMS is a vital part of many business campaigns large and small.