Authenticate Users with One Time Passwords

One time passwords (OTP) sent over SMS are used to authenticate users attempting to access accounts, make purchases, or prove their identity. It is a highly effective security tool used as an integral part of multi-factor authentication for many use cases and  industries, such as the financial industry.

OTPs are typically a series of randomly generated numbers or characters sent directly to the user’s phone for a single login attempt.

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Extra Fast, Extra Secure

OTPs are used in conjunction with login credentials, such as a username and password. By adding a second authentication object, it protects individuals’ accounts that have been compromised by threat actors, either through phishing/smishing attempts or things like brute force password attacks.

MMDSmart ensures that OTPs are delivered over optimized routes. This gets OTP messages to your customers’ phones faster than ever. And as the only SMS service provider enabling encrypted secure messages, the OTPs cannot be hijacked, altered, or spoofed.

With our competitive rates and reliable service, MMDSmart is the leading choice for OTP around the world.

OTP Use Cases

Account Access

Protect Private Data

New Subscriber Verification

Make sure new members are who they claim to be

Confirm High-value Transactions

It pays to double check

Activate new bank cards

Protect financial tools

Lost Password Retrieval

Ensure new passwords reach the right people

How It Works

New Subscriber Flow

Customer Creates Account
Customer Added to CRM
CRM Triggers OTP over SMS for Verification
Customer Enters OTP into Field
CRM Completes Account Setup

Lost Password Retrieval

Customer clicks forgot password
CRM verifies valid account username and sends OTP code over SMS
Customer enters OTP into field
Customer is directed to change password

Authorized Account Access Validation

Customer enters valid password into site
Customer receives OTP for 2FA authentication
Customer enters OTP into field
Customer is granted access into site