Take Complete Control Over your Communications

MMDSmart’s CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service) solution gives you the power of talk and text

Virtualize Your Call Center

Our cloud-based call center connects your agents and customers with crystal clear voice quality, key analytics tracking, real time dashboards, and more.

Reduce capital costs to run your call center. Scale up or down based on needs. With your virtualized call center and VoIP technology, you have the latest technology powering your service agents.

Perfect for inbound and outbound call center activities

Cloud Based Messaging Center

Manage all your text messaging from a single dashboard, and use Single Sign On (SSO) technology to sign on once and gain access to all your communication tools.

Combine Call Center Connect’s fully featured, cost-efficient voice solution with MessageWhiz’s multi-channel 2 way messaging platform to cover all of your customer communications needs and enjoy the benefits of CPaaS.

Message your customers over SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, iMessage, or WeChat. Connect on their preferred messaging channel.

2-Way Messaging on Every Platform

Our omnichannel solution lets you reach customers on their preferred messaging application. Start a conversation on one channel and continue the chat on your customer’s channel of choice. Send text, video, links, images, and other multimedia files to improve engagement and build customer relationships.


Keep All Customer Accounts Secure

Instantly generate and send secure, optimized one-time passwords as part of any multi-factor authentication program.

Supercharge Communications with Automation

Instantly generate and send secure, optimized one-time passwords as part of any multi-factor authentication program.

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Auto-dialing Software
Keep your agents busy with robo-dialer software.
Programmable Triggers
Everything from in-store events to weather can trigger your messaging.
Programmable Chatbot
Automate your answers to common customer questions, including customer account information, order status questions, and store details.
CRM Integration
Enhance automated messaging using customer data stored in your CRM or customer management software.

SMS Callback and Load Management

Capture the synergy of SMS and your call center to keep your call center operating at capacity. Our load management messaging tool reaches out to customers when lines are available, while SMS Callback ensures that inbound callers are ready to talk business when they reach out to you.

Manage All Your Communication Needs

Roll out and ramp up full-featured call center and cross channel messaging instantly, from anywhere!