MMD Smart provides a portfolio of communications solutions, delivering quality voice, short messaging and online fax products through its diverse network of over 200 partners worldwide.
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Retail Voice
We connect the world As a leading provider of voice connectivity, our voice solutions are among the best in the industry
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Smart Messaging Pioneers
We engage your world. Our innovative results driven messaging platform increases Delivery, Engagement and Conversion. It's the new wave in intelligent messaging solutions.
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Increase Engagement
  • MMD Smart world leading services engage your customers on multi levels, A2P SMS, voice and OTT.
  • SMS priority messages get opened 98% of the time and have an over 50% response rate.
  • Work with our #1 team to implement your marketing plan and get amazing results for enterprise.
Secure Communications
  • Smart messages get sent over a proprietary network ensuring security, precise timing and accuracy.
  • The Messaging Pioneers at MMD Smart offer a results-driven plan that guarantees results or you don't pay.
  • Track your communications with our state of the art carrier system.
Developing your API
with MMD Smart
  • Create and develop unique systems for SMS and voice delivery.
  • Integrate any A2P program into your application using our portal and full development stack.
  • Use MMD Smart's scalable A2P portal to install SMS from 500 to millions of messages.
Retail Voice Connectivity
We connect the world. As a leading provider of voice connectivity, our voice solutions are among the best in the industry, with innovative routing technology, direct connections to many of the leading telecoms in the world and flexible plans to meet all needs. Our newest product “Connect.Us” is a standalone OTT solution that empowers a carrier's voice subscribers to make international calls, via an easy to install mobile app.
Enterprise Messaging Portal
We engage your world. With a suite of products developed to improve delivery confidence, facilitate higher customer engagement and increase conversion rates, our messaging solutions will help improve your business results and ROI.
When fraud threatens you still need to get your A2P text messages out. Download this report now to protect your brand and your customers.
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