Smart Messaging Use Cases

Our innovative Smart Messaging platform delivers results! Receive better conversions and sales using Smart Messaging A2P (application-to-person) SMS.

Here are examples of how MMDSmart team increased delivery rates and improved engagement with customers.

Use Case #1 Goal. Increase the of activation rate from one-time password (OTP) notifications

Summary. An enterprise OTT messaging app (business sms service) sought to increase the average rate of activation. They are sending one-time password (OTP) notifications but found that the costs for sending these messages were high. The messages were getting lost. Unreceived messages, unneeded customer support and lost business was happening throughout the process. The follow ups and losses raised the cost of customer acquisition.

See how the MMDSmart Messaging were able to increase activation rates and reduce costs. By pioneering the optimized message route and fine tuning the OTP tracking process, Smart Messaging saved the app money and customers..

by Ira Cohen, VP Business Development

Business Challenge. Our customer sends millions of one-time password notifications every month. It’s part of their security protocol. New app users have to log in with a verification code that is messaged to them. This secure login is an integral part of their every day and on board processing. It’s also the first step new users have to take. The A2P process needed improvement because a large percentage of the messages were not delivered. Many new users never received the message at all and promising customers got blocked from the app. App operations and developers were looking for a way to increase retention by making sure that sign ins receive their A2P message on time and on the correct device. Not only that, but they did not want to pay for any undelivered or unfulfilled messages.

Technical Challenge: Once the A2P SMS fired and sent the verification code message, operations lost control of delivery. From a results standpoint, the app lost track of their onboarding funnel. This made the sign in process a blockage to growth. The client wanted to be able to develop more effective methods to track and price these SMS. They also wanted to ensure timely delivery and a higher success rate to take control of this part of the onboard funnel.

Our SMS messaging service Solution:

The messaging app client met with MMDSmart Messaging with an understanding that our pipeline could deliver results

The technical and contractual backbone of the MMDSmart A2P platform is transparent and effective. MMDSmart technical staff first analyzed the performance of the routing used. Then, utilizing favorable agreements with Tier 1 suppliers, MMDSmart increased conversion rates. Using proprietary Smart Delivery, MMDSmart Messaging implemented the correct routing hierarchy and database retrieval system. From API firing to successful delivery and new user login, The Smart Messaging Pioneers closed the loop and the app only paid for what worked. The client’s app marketing, overall mobile marketing strategy and analysis improved, log in rates and completions increased; which made for happy investors!

Working with IT and development teams across companies can be difficult. But MMDSmart’s organization and flat decision-making process made integration a snap. The customer is now able to use the API protocols and track results data in-house using a straightforward administration process.

Results: After struggling with low delivery rates and low conversions. The messaging app found MMDSmart Messaging to be an easy solution to install. Average activation rates increased by more than 15%. The actual costs of the OTP process decreased by more than 20%. Overcoming the challenges of changing A2P partners was easier than the messaging app developers thought. The Smart Messaging Pioneers came in on time after a series of focused meetings. Procedures between teams were clear. The OTP security and A2P now clearly fulfilling its purpose of security and user experience.


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