About the company

  1. What does MMDSmart do?

Have you ever received a text message about  a sale at your favorite shop, a reminder about an upcoming appointment at your clinic, or a verification code to access your bank account and wondered how this information reaches you? MMDSmart is one of the pioneers in the cloud communication industry, helping businesses of all sizes and types engage more efficiently with their customers.  Our platform provides a unified dashboard that enables companies to manage all their communications, such promotional messages, time critical notifications and customer support calls.

  1. What countries does MMDSmart operate in?

Our headquarters is in Israel, with other offices located in Ukraine and Bulgaria. Many of our colleagues work remotely from different parts of the world. We are a truly international company and aim to expand further. Our customers are located around the world.

  1. What sets MMDSmart apart from other companies?

Our flexibility – we celebrate work-life balance and provide our employees with opportunities to work from home, at the office, or in a hybrid arrangement..

Our transparency – we appreciate ideas and feedback from our teammates. Open communication matters to us and adds value for the whole team.

Our internal opportunities – we encourage our employees to grow within the company either horizontally or vertically. We  provide external and internal training and development opportunities.

Our easy application process – we do not have lengthy application processes, as we appreciate the time of our candidates and strive to provide a positive candidate experience.

  1. What are the plans for the future at MMDSmart?

Since 2022, the number of employees at MMDSmart has almost doubled! We have opened an office in Sofia, Bulgaria, and continue expanding in the global market. Our aim is to hire more talented people in Bulgaria, as well as in other countries. We are penetrating new markets and reaching new clients. 

In 2024, we aim to establish ourselves in several countries in Latin America and Asia. Our R&D team is continuously working on new projects, which will result in the introduction of high-end cloud communication solutions in 2024.

Candidate Journey

  1. What are the opportunities for candidates without experience? 

Candidates without prior experience are welcome to apply for our entry-level positions, such as Customer Care Specialist, Junior Support Engineer, Tester, Junior Monitoring Specialist, and Back Office Specialist, and build their careers from zero. No knowledge of cloud communications is required – we will provide training from scratch. Take a chance to join our team, and we will help you level up your skills!

  1. What opportunities do you offer in the IT and Telecom sphere?

As we grow, we are looking for senior professionals from either the IT or Telecom industries. Hot positions include: Telecom SIP Engineer, Telecom SMMP Engineer, Full Stack Developer, and Scrum Master. The key technologies we work with are: React.js, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, Node.js, TypeScript, Go Lang, Vue.js, and Angular.js.

  1. Can students apply for a job at MMDSmart?

Yes, you can apply for one of our shift-based positions such as Customer Care Specialist, Junior Support Engineer, Tester, or Junior Monitoring Specialist. These roles offer a flexible schedule, including three working shifts followed by three days off.

  1. What does MMDSmart look for in a candidate?

For most positions, we are looking for candidates with an upper-intermediate level of English, proactiveness, a hunger for challenges, and curiosity for new things. Excellent communication and teamwork abilities would be a great advantage. We would love to expand the company with those who share our values and mindsets. We are flexible, always eager to grow, curious, and possess innovative thinking. We encourage teamwork and foster healthy, productive interpersonal relationships. We believe that nurturing high-level professionals is the key to bringing growth and satisfaction to the company.

  1. What does the hiring process look like?

Once you submit your CV, the recruiter will review it, and if there is a match, you will be contacted by an HR representative and invited for an interview. For most entry-level positions, the process consists of three steps: an HR Interview (15 min), a Manager Interview (30 min), and a Director Interview (15 min). For IT, Telecom, and middle to senior positions, the interviews will typically take twice as long. There are no tests or tasks involved in the hiring process.

  1. How can I prepare for the interview?

First of all, don’t worry (recruiters get nervous too! :)) and take your time to think about the position you’re interviewing for: How do you envision your perfect working environment? What does your ideal day look like? Where do you see yourself in one year? 

  1. How can I get feedback after the interview?

We appreciate every candidate and understand the importance of receiving feedback. Normally, regardless of the result, you will receive an email or a message about the status of your application. You are welcome to contact the recruiter via messenger (Viber, Telegram or LinkedIn) for more detailed feedback, if necessary.

  1. If I do not get hired for the position, can I apply again in the future for the same or different position?

Definitely, you can reapply for the position you are interested in once you are ready. Moreover, if you agree to have your CV saved in our system, our HR team will contact you if there is a different position that matches your profile.

  1. In which countries do you hire?

Primarily in Bulgaria, but also we encourage candidates to apply from other countries within the European time zone.

Employee Experience

  1. What will my first day look like?

Our Office Manager will welcome you, show you around the office, and introduce you to your colleagues (if you start your first day in the office). You will be asked to sign the necessary documents and then proceed to several onboarding meetings, which include: IT (integration into the MMDSmart ecosystem, including calendars, meetings, corporate messenger, specific sites, etc.), HR (information about the company’s structure and conditions), People Partner (a presentation on company culture), and your manager (discussion about your work plans).

  1. Do you provide training?

Of course! During the adaptation period (which is normally up to 2-3 months), you will receive training from the team leader or team manager. You will meet your colleagues, either offline or online, start communicating with them, and learn more about the company and how processes work at MMDSmart.

  1. What are the company’s policies regarding remote work and flexibility?

For most positions, you are welcome to choose your working format – whether remote, office-based, or hybrid. All IT positions are fully remote. The start of the day is flexible, and if you need an extra day off for personal errands, we are happy to provide it.

  1. How can I meet my colleagues if the position is remote?

We communicate via corporate messenger and video calls on a daily basis, and share information on social media and communication channels. You can also attend webinars and remote social events. If you would like to meet your colleagues in person, you are welcome to visit our corporate events and team building activities (with transport and accommodation provided), as well as come to our office in Sofia (Megapark).

  1. What learning and development opportunities do you offer?

If you would like to upgrade your English skills, we offer free English classes, as well as a native speaker club to help level up your vocabulary. If you’re interested in improving your technical or soft skills, acquiring additional knowledge, or earning a certificate, MMDSmart can be your sponsor, subject to your manager’s prior approval. Don’t miss out on the corporate webinars and offline educational events, and seize the chance to share your knowledge with colleagues!

  1. How does the company handle feedback from employees?

We encourage you to share your feedback with your line manager, as well as with your dedicated People Partner. We listen and we act. MMDSmart celebrates open communication and cares deeply about the opinions of its employees.

  1. How does MMDSmart treat initiative and ideas of the employees?

We love innovative and creative ideas! No matter what position you hold, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with your manager. Discuss them, brainstorm, and create an action plan together. While you learn from us, we also learn from you!

  1. How can I grow within the company?

MMDSmart takes pride in seeing its people grow, both vertically and horizontally. You can build your career within the same department you started in, or choose a different path and excel in a different team after acquiring the necessary skills. Feel free to discuss your career opportunities with your manager and choose what’s right for both you and the company.

  1. How can I share my questions and concerns with HR as an employee?

Your dedicated People Partner is always there for you if you need to talk about your concerns or if you have questions. Drop a message or book a meeting with a People Partner to discuss what matters to you, feeling confident that you will be heard.

  1. How do you support the wellness of your employees?

The wellness of our team members is precious to us! We care for the physical well-being of our employees by providing medical insurance and support mental health through corporate psychologist sessions for individuals and groups. To stay fit, our colleagues utilize sports cards and enjoy access to the gym, spa, and group classes. *Insurance and sport cards are only available for employees located in Bulgaria.

To learn more about our culture, please visit our Instagram and TikTok channels.
Check our career opportunities and  dive into the future of cloud communication solutions with MMDSmart. 

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