Improving Key OTP Delivery Times While Reducing Rates for Our Customers

One-time passwords (OTP) are a business-critical communication tool. They enable customers to safely access accounts, transfer funds, and make purchases without the risk of threat actors and criminals stealing funds or data. 

Delivery time is a critical performance issue with OTPs. Delays in account activation processes or purchases can lead to a loss of customer interest. Messages must be delivered within 10 seconds of the customer’s request for an OTP to ensure their continued interest. 

Delivery time is even more complex when OTP messages have to cross international borders. To accomplish this, MMDSmart works with Infobip to ensure OTP messages traverse borders over low-latency SMS rates and have high delivery rates. 

MMDSmart has direct operator connections in a number of regions, but working with Infobip’s direct operator connections increased our coverage area and allows us to provide reliable OTP services globally. As a result, MMDSmart has expanded into 40 additional countries, where customers receive reliable OTP service. Read more about our collaboration with Infobip on their blog.

Number Verification: Eliminating Wrong Numbers

Capturing customer phone numbers is an inexact science. In opt-in scenarios, customers may give a wrong number, or if they wrote the number by hand, it may have been transcribed incorrectly when entered into the database. 

Customers are charged based on the number of messages sent, regardless if they reached their destination. To help eliminate the unnecessary expense of texting wrong numbers, MMDSmart integrated Infobip’s number lookup tool directly into its application. Users can upload their call lists into the MessageWhiz messaging platform and perform a number verification check.

Each number is checked against operator records and lets our customers know which numbers are valid and which are unavailable. Our customers can then remove wrong numbers from their databases before launching campaigns. By partnering with Infobip, MMDSmart now offers number verification in over 100 countries. 

You can read more about our collaboration with Infobip in this blog.

Serving Customer’s Messaging Needs

Through collaborations with companies like Infobip, MMDsmart is able to deliver fast, reliable messaging services around the world. These partners, which include campaign automation tools like, help our customers continue to enhance their marketing efforts. As a result, our customers are running highly-efficient campaigns that deliver results every day. 

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Changes to Whatsapp Business Messaging Pricing: What You Need to Know

In the fast-paced world of digital communication, staying updated with the latest policies and pricing changes is crucial for businesses. Meta’s recent announcement regarding the new pricing policy for Whatsapp Business Messaging has caught the attention of many. As the implementation date approaches, it’s important to understand the key changes and how they may impact businesses relying on Whatsapp for customer communication.

Breaking Down the New Pricing Policy Beginning June 1, 2023, Meta’s new pricing policy for Whatsapp Business Messaging will come into effect. While the basic structure remains consistent, there are a few notable adjustments that businesses need to be aware of:

  • Elimination of Free Conversations: The previous provision of 1,000 free Whatsapp conversations per month will no longer be available under the new pricing policy.
  • Categorization of Messages: Messaging types have been re-classified into four distinct categories, each with its own rate. These categories include:
  • Service Messages (previously User Initiated conversations): For authentication, OTP messages, login processes, account verification, account recovery, etc. These conversations are free until the business responds.
  • Templated Messages: Business-initiated conversations that fall into specific categories, namely:
    • Authentication: Messages related to OTPs, login processes, etc. These messages are the lowest priced messages.
    • Utility Conversations: Updates regarding ongoing transactions. These messages are also priced lower than marketing conversations.
    • Marketing Conversations: Promotions, offers, informational updates, or invitations for customers to respond or take action. Any conversation that doesn’t qualify as utility or authentication falls into this category. These conversations have the highest cost within WhatsApp’s pricing model.

Under the new pricing policy, businesses who use WhatsApp messaging templates correctly will save substantially. They will no longer be charged full conversation rates when sending out authentication messages like one time passwords or while sending an update to a customer.

Stay connected, stay informed, and embrace the changing landscape of business communications!