MMDSmart’s SMS Callbacks Up for a MEFFY Award

Our cutting-edge SMS Callback feature has been named a finalist for the 2023 MEFFY award in Enterprise Communications by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. This award is given to the most influential omnichannel enterprise communication campaign of the year.

SMS Callback is a powerful tool for call centers, allowing them to more effectively engage with potential customers and boost their overall efficiency and return on investment. This feature enables call centers to send dynamic SMS messages with a callback link, which enables customers and prospects to get in touch when they are ready to discuss business.

SMS Callbacks have already demonstrated their ability to generate interest and activity at inbound call centers. With this feature, messaging campaigns can effectively eliminate the need for customers to fill out forms or wait for responses. Instead, sales agents can connect with them in a matter of seconds, answer their questions, and close sales.

It’s easy to vote for SMS Callback – simply visit the MEFFY page and select MMDSmart from the online voting ballot. But don’t delay – voting ends on February 26th!