Giving Employees What They Want

Human beings have a desire for everything to be perfect. When perfection isn’t an option, we want things to at least be satisfactory.

When our needs are fulfilled, we function better. Our sense of satisfaction and entitlement keeps us active, enthusiastic, and productive. Agree? Then keep on reading!

A good paycheck is not the only thing employees need to stay engaged with their jobs. Employees seek an ideal working environment that promotes learning and development, work-life balance, a positive corporate culture, and an overall good experience. Organizations that offer meaningful benefits and perks to fulfill these needs are rewarded with high employee retention, productivity, overall employee satisfaction, improved growth, and success.

A company wins when its employees are happy in their jobs and actively contribute to the company’s growth. If their needs are not taken care of, it may negatively impact their productivity, and ultimately hurt the company’s bottom line.

Why Give Employees Perks?

Employees are the company’s most valuable assets. They sail the ship and lead it to its destination. When employees leave, they are difficult to replace and complicated to train new employees. As a result, employee retention is a major concern for companies today.

A study by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation found that “more than half of millennials (56%) agreed that a quality benefits package influences their choice of employer, and 63% say that benefits are an important reason for staying with an employer.”

This stat shows that employee perks and benefits can have a significant impact on employee retention.

MMDSmart’s Perks for its Employees

At MMDSmart, we value our employees. We offer them a number of perks and benefits to ensure that they enjoy our work atmosphere.

  1. Professional Development
    Employees can start their professional career with us and grow within the company. Our ranks are filled with success stories of employees who began with an entry level position and were team lead within one year. We also believe in rotating employees across different roles, to demonstrate the value we place in them and our belief in their abilities.
  2. Young, friendly work environment
    Every employee has the opportunity to learn from more experienced employees. We value informal interactions and close relationships between our team members
  3. Flexible work format
    Employees can choose whether to work hybrid, from the office, or at home. Work from home in pajamas or chat in the office – whichever you prefer.
  4. Medical insurance
    We care about our employees’ well-being providing supplemental health care benefits
  5. Variety of bonuses
    We offer a referral bonus to employees who help us onboard new talent. Our team members know best if their friend will be a good fit on our team.
  6. Gym membership
    Work is important, but so is taking care of your body. We inspire our teammates to work out regularly so they feel strong and healthy
  7. Educational events and tuition reimbursement
    Need to learn something to advance your career? We offer courses and tuition reimbursement for classes so you can develop your knowledge and skills
  8. English classes and English club
    Take English classes and spend time with native English speakers so you can improve your language skills, build self-confidence, and communicate more effectively with customers.
  9. Team building and corporate gifts
    We host events to help build relationships between our employees

We encourage those on the job market to find a position that is best for them. We understand that success and satisfaction depend on the atmosphere, communication, and appreciation. At MMDSmart, we strive to create this type of work experience.

Applying to roles is easy. Send your CV to and get ready to join your new MMDSmart family.