Case Study: Receiving significantly better conversion from their customers.

Smart Messaging Use Cases

Our innovative smart messaging platform delivers results!

Here are some examples of how our clients increased delivery rates, vastly improved engagement, and received significantly better conversion from their customers.

Use Case #3: Well Placed Text Messages to High Net Worth Individuals Boosts Conversions

Smart Messaging Improves Delivery and Engagement for a multi faceted gaming entity. From sign on to adoption, users are sent useful SMS reminders and badges.

Summary: Company in the gaming sphere sought to increase new user sign- ups for an ongoing monthly service. Because of the product’s high cost and lack of customer engagement, previous online campaigns were ineffective, despite the company’s large customer acquisition budget. The gaming entity also wanted the ability to attribute sales from it’s many media sources where they promote and link to the product. Using Smart delivery techniques and SMS messaging, MMD Smart increased sign ons and retention for an exclusive product which was seriously underutilized.

See how the Smart Messaging team was able to increase sales, reduce costs and track attribution. The sign on costs for the client decreased markedly, they paid only for the marketing that converted.

by Ira Cohen, VP Business Development

Business Challenge: Achieving results from something as simple as a text message is not necessarily an obvious solution. However, a well-known gaming company that was struggling with a high-end product wanted a cost-effective way to nurture high net worth players. They found that SMS were read, the embedded links were used and when asked to reply, text messaging was an easy and effective way to engage prospects. The texts had to be sent in context and on time, to suggest urgency but not pushiness. Messages need to be personally relevant to the recipient and contextualized based upon their level in the sales funnel. The challenge here was to design an algorithm and code which took into account various milestones, and texts were sent accordingly. The farther along the prospect was in a sometimes “painful” sales cycle, the higher level of care that was needed in communicating.

Technical Challenge: Although text messages have a high open rate, they are also considered personal and demand care and sensitive delivery. When dealing with 100,000 prospects at different levels of the sales process, MMD Smart Messaging had to come up with a means of creating a protocol to make it seem like each text was tailored, and almost hand-delivered with context and a sensible call to action. Then, each call to action link had to be monitored for delivery and click through rate. The client’s marketing and sales force needed to attribute and track progress and success from its landing pages from click-through links.

Our business SMS Solutions:

Our innovative pricing model, allows the client to pay only for campaign successes, those conversions that achieved the targeted results. Message recipients were encouraged to send a return SMS message, a Bi-Directional SMS technique to connect prospects directly with sales or support. Customers were sent a link with a dedicated landing page that presented a personalized offer and incentives to purchase. Smart delivery contextual messages, tailored to the prospect designed with marketing department updates made sure that prospects were treated according to their persona and their progress toward a sale. Up to date technology such as bi-directional SMS, personalized landing pages meant that prospects being served dynamic click-thru links directing users to product specials, real-time purchase opportunities and winning oriented reminders. Attribution from landing page conversions were based on the links sent via smart messaging.

Results: Using smart delivery, we ensured that the delivery rate increased by more than 10X, resulting in a 10% increase in conversions and sales. The customer found that the increase in sales was accomplished without increasing the average cost of customer acquisition. As part of this saving, the company paid MMDSmart only for the actual new registrations attributed to the campaign.

About MMD Smart Messaging: We started MMDSmart in 2007 with the mission to provide smart communications solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our initial products focused on global voice interconnections, but we have since enhanced our product offering to include messaging, fax and chat. With headquarters in the high tech hub located around Tel Aviv, and offices in Hong Kong and Kiev, we are able to attract the finest technical and business personnel staff, all focused on providing the highest quality service to our partners and clients. We are proud that many tier 1 global companies from more than 100 countries have chosen us to provide them with their business critical and highly sensitive communications needs. As we widen our global scope, our initial mission and commitment to our customers stays the same; MMDSmart. Connect. Engage. Smile