MEF CONNECTS Cyber Security

On June 14, the Mobile Ecosystem Forum welcomes you to join us and engage in our one-day even

In our digital world, where all forms of communications networks are based upon the need to understand identity, education and collaboration play a fundamental role in developing and deploying the most secure operational environments. This enables us to protect not just our own organisations, but those who consume the products and services we deliver.

Be it our respective national Governments and Regulators, Industry Groups, Communications Service Providers, Enterprises, Consultancies, Analysts, Systems Integrators and Technology Vendors, from the perspective of people, process and technology, we all have an important role to play in working together proactively to defeat those who endeavour to perpetrate crime for financial gain and/or negatively impact critical national infrastructure.

Sessions will incorporate the impact of all key attack vectors with presentations and panel discussions including the challenges faced in the undertaking of the role of the CISO, Humanizing Cybersecurity, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Securing IoT, 5G Security, Stir/Shaken, Zero Trust and Securing the chain of custody in omnichannel communications. It’s free to participate.

Additionally, MMDSmart will have a virtual booth at the event, in which you can discover more about our solutions, read and engage with us and learn about the unique approach we’ve taken with MessageWhiz and the technology we’re bringing to the table.

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