Affiliate Grand Slam Dubai

Bringing together thousands of like-minded delegates: content marketers, conversion optimisation and lead generation specialists, media buyers, affiliates, SEO gurus, and influencers

  • AN EMERGING EMIRATEThis luxury location in the UAE is fast becoming a major hub for large-scale events. With vaccination roll-outs moving fast, and quickly expanding industries on the horizon, Dubai is an ideal meeting point for Europe and Asia to come together.
  • CONTENT IS KINGWe are carefully carving out a number of conference topics that will interest each and every affiliate and online marketing specialists in the room. No boring sales pitches, no self-inflating ego trips – just quality content around SEO, SEA, online marketing, and e-commerce.
  • BUZZING EXPOIt’s all go on the AGS expo floor. The hybrid event will see two complementary supershows, AIBC Dubai and AGS Dubai, take place. To leverage the crossover potential, a virtual expo will also unite exhibitors for both brands across one floor.
  • ENTERTAINMENT POWERHOUSEKnown for putting on a good spread, AGS is gunning on all fronts to guarantee the right conference-unwind balance and have no doubt that our plans in Dubai will leave our attendees craving for more!