Retail Voice

Our retail voice products are designed for enterprises, carriers, MVNOs, calling card providers and any organization seeking global, carrier grade, and cost - effective communication solutions. Leveraging our extensive experience in the rapidly changing telecommunications industry, we connect hundreds of carriers around the world through a single connection to a highly controlled private network, with guaranteed security, quality of service (QoS), and class of service (CoS). Our quality control system ensures consistent performance and outstanding customer experience. To minimize latency, we use only the highest quality routes via tier 1 and direct local carriers and support most major industry codecs.

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MMD Smart manages a high capacity network that allows us to route millions of minutes every day, interconnecting with Tier1 telecom and direct local providers around the world, at the most competitive rates on the market. At the heart of our voice products is the technology we developed to provide a stable and reliable solution to our customers with the features that they need to grow their business. Our in house designed optimized routing technology delivers quality based routing which uses real time statistical parameters, enabling automatic differentiation of service levels per your specific needs. It automates routing and decision making in support of complex bi-lateral agreements, hubbing deals, and QoS requirements. It is fully integrated into our switching network, supports SIP traffic and can connect to TDM networks.

Desktop faxing does not require any installation and functions exactly like your email service. It's also very economical- there's no maintenance, software or capital equipment costs, as well as no set-up, support or monthly fees. You can also create individualized fax broadcasts, sending one document to tens, hundreds, or thousands of fax recipients. And, when you're away from your desktop, you can send your faxes through a convenient online form or via your mobile phone.

Key Features
  • High ASR, ACD, NER
  • Vast supply of DID numbers in most countries including traditionally difficult to access geographies.
  • Guaranteed CLI delivery
  • Dedicated dashboard so you can monitor all activities and billing
  • Minimum latency via our SIP trunks and tailored geographical routing.
  • OTT voice application for MVNOs
  • High quality routes via tier 1and direct local carriers with support for DTMF and most industry wide CODECs.
  • Voice API which integrates with the technologies that you are already using, enabling you to build apps like: voice message recording, voice to text rendition, IVR menus.
Product News

"Connect.Us", our new OTT international calling solution enables MVNOs to market competitive international calling plans directly to subscribers. Subscribers simply sign up for the service, download the free application from either iTunes or Google Play, and they can begin dialing directly from their own phones, using their own list of contacts and familiar interface.

MVNOs and other organizations can offer this for subscribers who are wary of high roaming charges when travelling, and may choose non-peer-to-peer products like Viber and Skype, rather than a local SIM. White-label branding is available, so operators can offer flexible plans to international destinations with their own product branding, or, they can opt to promote our off-the-shelf "Connect.Us" brand (available on both the Android and iOS platforms) to their subscriber base.