MMD Smart Begins UK Operations

MMDSmart's geographic growth continues. After previously opening offices in the past year in Hong Kong and Russia, MMDSmart, the smart messaging pioneer, and a leading global supplier of innovative communications products, including VoIP and online fax solutions, announced today the opening of its first office in London, and appointed Mr. Dylan Fernando, to manage its UK operations.

Case Study: Implementing a Multi-channel Campaign Solution

Smart Messaging Use Cases

Our innovative smart messaging platform delivers results!

Here are some examples of how our clients increased delivery rates, vastly improved engagement, and received significantly better conversion from their customers.

Use Case #2: Implementing a Multi-channel Campaign Solution

MMD Smart Messaging increases customer engagement for a major entertainment company theme park. Time and location sensitive messaging results lead to higher coupon usage and more mobile app downloads.

Summary. The entertainment company desired to increase app usage and sales from coupons at their popular theme park. Emailing customers in advance of their visit wasn't working. They found the coupons emailed weeks before the park visit were forgotten. The company also sought to drive people to the interactive mobile app. Especially those buying admission tickets at the park entrance. But without knowing that the app could enhance their visit, they never downloaded it.

The Messaging Pioneers engineered a campaign to communicate with park guests based on when they bought their tickets. Multiple channels of messages engaged excited families at appropriate times. SMS and voice calls enhanced the park experience as well as provided links to coupons and the theme park app

by Ira Cohen, VP Business Development

Anatomy of an A2P Message. What is A2P?

Personal SMS messages have become ubiquitous and have been a staple application of cellular communications for more than 20 years. More recently mobile messages are being used as a marketing or notification tool between enterprises and their customers.

Unlike personal messages, enterprise SMS does not require of moving thumb and finger across a smartphone keypad. Instead they are sent using an Application to Person (A2P) computer program. Connected to the net, these A2P web apps send an automatic text message to a mobile phone.

How SMS fits into the modern telecom picture

The short message service or SMS, it’s small, it's powerful.

Telephone conversations, SMS and internet connections get carried by a huge network. Could be a phone line, a wireless station or a fiber optic cable that connects you. These systems operate on the most microscopic level. This digital reality may or may not interest you. Yet, we can all agree that the quality of service and dependability of the network is what really matters.

A Short History of Telecom

Speaking and writing are key elements of our human existence and our interaction with the world around us. Since the beginning, humans have found many forms of effective communications, both orally and visually, evolving through the generations from rock carving and papyrus to video chat and text messaging.

Today, Some of our most important interactions happen via mobile text messaging and chatting. They are the lifeblood of our modern relationships, and our bridge to the most important connections in our lives. Industry data shows that the total volumes of voice traffic on networks has decreased significantly, and the trend continues as OTT voice calls, texting and chatting make their mark on mobile usage. Generationally, most millennials prefer text messaging and chatting on social media, and shun speaking on the phone.

Case Study: Receiving significantly better conversion from their customers.

Smart Messaging Use Cases

Our innovative smart messaging platform delivers results!

Here are some examples of how our clients increased delivery rates, vastly improved engagement, and received significantly better conversion from their customers.

Smart Messaging Use Cases

Use Case #3: Well Placed Text Messages to High Net Worth Individuals Boosts Conversions

Smart Messaging Improves Delivery and Engagement for a multi faceted gaming entity. From sign on to adoption, users are sent useful SMS reminders and badges.

Summary: Company in the gaming sphere sought to increase new user sign- ups for an ongoing monthly service. Because of the product’s high cost and lack of customer engagement, previous online campaigns were ineffective, despite the company’s large customer acquisition budget. The gaming entity also wanted the ability to attribute sales from it’s many media sources where they promote and link to the product. Using Smart delivery techniques and SMS messaging, MMD Smart increased sign ons and retention for an exclusive product which was seriously underutilized.

See how the Smart Messaging team was able to increase sales, reduce costs and track attribution. The sign on costs for the client decreased markedly, they paid only for the marketing that converted.

by Ira Cohen, VP Business Development

Case Study: Optimizing message routing and fine tuning the OTP tracking process.

Smart Messaging Use Cases

Our innovative Smart Messaging platform delivers results!

Here are examples of how MMD Smart increased delivery rates and improved engagement with customers for their clients. Receive better conversions and sales using Smart Messaging SMS and A2P (application-to-person) messaging.

Use Case #1 Goal. Increase the of activation rate from one-time password (OTP) notifications

Summary. An enterprise OTT messaging app sought to increase the average rate of activation. They are sending one-time password (OTP) notifications but found that the costs for sending these messages were high. The messages were getting lost. Unreceived messages, unneeded customer support, and lost business was happening throughout the process. The follow ups and losses raised the cost of customer acquisition.

See how the MMD Smart Messaging were able to increase activation rates and reduce costs. By pioneering the optimized message route and fine tuning the OTP tracking process, Smart Messaging saved the app money and customers..

by Ira Cohen, VP Business Development

MMDSmart Bets on the Asian Pacific Market

MMD Smart Edward Poon Hong Kong Regional Director

Opens Regional Office in Hong Kong and Appoints Edward Poon to Manage Growing APAC Business and Spearhead Regional Adoption of its Smart Messaging Platform   

MMDSmart, the smart messaging pioneer, and a leading global supplier of innovative communications products, including VoIP and online fax solutions, is targeting the APAC market for its innovative smart messaging platform and A2P (Application to Person) Messaging solution. It announced today the opening of its new regional office in Hong Kong and named Mr. Edward Poon, to manage its growing APAC business.

In less than two years, the company has enjoyed double digit growth annually in demand for its A2P messaging products and significantly increased its footprint in Asia for both its messaging and voice business. Globally, the A2P market reached almost $55 billion USD in 2016, with the APAC market estimated to account for 40% of all that traffic. Industry sources expect the growth trend to continue as more and more enterprises and organizations of all sizes adopt this method for communicating with their clients, and constituents.

5 minutes with... MMDSmart

When did MMDSmart launch and what growth have you seen?

We began operations eight years ago as a voice carrier and added messaging about three years ago. Not an easy market for a new player to penetrate, but our team came from the industry, and believed that if we provided good quality, flexibility in finding creative solutions and financial stability we would carve our niche.

We also paid our bills on time which isn’t always the case for small carriers. That’s why our tagline is “Connect. Engage. Smile.”. Our partners are always smiling because they know that they will be paid on time! We’re now connected with many Tier 1 networks around the globe, and have over 300 active interconnections from more than 100 countries.

We have close to 75 employees in our offices in Kiev, Ukraine, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, Hong Kong, and Tel Aviv, but we’re not that small anymore but also not too big. It’s one of our strengths and one of the reasons why large organizations like to work with us. We’re very creative in finding solutions for our partners, and have a very flat decision making process, so they get answers quickly. That’s actually how we got into the messaging business, and our Fax over IP product, as a response to requests from our partners.

What does MMDSmart do?

We’re in the process of transitioning away from being a carrier into our more natural role as a VAS provider. At the core of this is our smart messaging platform, a results driven messaging solution, which we’re currently piloting and will commercially launch next year.

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