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May 6, 2020

Much progress has been made in RCS over the last 12 months: more launches, joint ventures in USA and Japan, Google Guest rollout, and many innovative campaigns.

However, RCS business messaging still needs more work to be done on industry alignment.
July 15, 2018.

As part of its Future of Messaging Programme, MEF has announced the roll out of Trust in Enterprise Messaging (TEM).

The service is backed by an industry Code of Conduct for A2P (Applications to Person) SMS which was developed by the 30+ participants of MEF’s Future of Messaging Program that includes MNOs Telefonica, Telenor and Vodafone, messaging companies and signaling providers.

MEF looks at the progress the market has made toward RCS over the past 12 months, and discusses best practices and implementation guidelines.
LONDON, November 29, 2017.

Ira and panelists will discuss, "A SHARING OF BEST PRACTICE IN MONETISING GREATER A2P REVENUES." Maximising profit generation from A2P is a primary concern for operators, with many falling short of optimising true revenue potential. This session will unite innovative and forward thinking players as they share what security, legal and commercial steps and precautions they are taking, both to protect and boost their A2P revenues. In addition, they will cover Illegal A2P traffic, a crucial cause in stripping operators of their likely yield along with lack of engagement with their enterprise customers.
LONDON, September 6, 2017.

MMDSmart's geographic growth continues. After previously opening offices in the past year in Hong Kong and Russia, MMDSmart, the Smart Messaging Pioneer, and a leading global supplier of innovative communications products, including VoIP and online fax solutions, announced today the opening of its first office in London, and appointed Mr. Dylan Fernando, to manage its UK operations.

Demand for both its voice and messaging solutions have increased dramatically in the last 2 years. While many telecom companies have reported a marked drop in their voice revenue, MMDSmart's business of innovative voice solutions grew by more than 50% in 2016. This occurred simultaneously to the launch of the industry's first results driven enterprise messaging solution, the smart messaging platform, which has also spurred double digit growth in demand for its A2P messaging products.
February 22, 2017.

Enterprise or A2P messaging continues to grow as the most effective way for businesses to engage with consumers. It's also the most trusted form of communication with 35 per cent of consumers identifying it as their preference when it comes to trusting the sender. Developed by MEF's Future of Messaging Programme, the Enterprise Messaging Guide lifts the lid on the complexities of the market, providing the tools and know-how to help companies procure messaging from legitimate players and avoid fraudulent activity that risks eroding customer confidence or impacting service quality. The guide walks enterprises through the different parties they will encounter within the messaging ecosystem and demystifies and defines common industry language. Its aim is to aid in the continued delivery of legal, safe, quality and reliable mobile messaging solutions and ensure the ongoing trust of all those who buy, sell and receive mobile messages while supporting the continued and sustained growth of sector. Download the Guide below
January 23, 2017.

MMD Smart has joined GSMA, leader in world mobile intelligence data, research, and outreach. The GSMA represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, uniting nearly 800 operators with more than 300 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem. By joining GSMA, MMD Smart becomes a part of the global telecom community including handset and device makers, software companies, equipment providers and internet providers.
HONG KONG, January 17, 2017.

MMDSmart, the smart messaging pioneer, and a leading global supplier of innovative communications products, including VoIP and online fax solutions, is targeting the APAC market for its innovative smart messaging platform and A2P (Application to Person) Messaging solution. It announced today the opening of its new regional office in Hong Kong and named Mr. Edward Poon, to manage its growing APAC business.
Anatomy of an A2P Message
August 29, 2017
For marketing purposes, A2P can send a text to a list of mobile phones in your database. Just like that, you've sent a coupon for tonight's pizza and calzone special to fill the seats of your restaurant. Or let people know in your neighborhood that there's a special on oil changes at their local auto repair shop. A developer can embed A2P messaging into an application, for example to send reminders 30 minutes before any appointment from a scheduling app. Likewise a text message can be to a customer from a call center to notify them that someone is trying to reach them. This is the personal note, the familiar SMS in a new paradigm. Now the SMS is a marketing coupon, a reminder or notification from a bank. The text message is integral in today's mass communications network. A2P broadens its scope, and with a 95% open rate, has proven to be one of the most effective means for enterprises to communicate with their customers.
How SMS fits into the modern telecom picture
September 05, 2017
The short message service or SMS, it’s small, it's powerful. Telephone conversations, SMS and internet connections get carried by a huge network. Could be a phone line, a wireless station or a fiber optic cable that connects you. These systems operate on the most microscopic level. This digital reality may or may not interest you. Yet, we can all agree that the quality of service and dependability of the network is what really matters. You read a text message in 5 seconds. This tiny bit of love and business hums to the tune of 23 billion messages a day. Actually, texting is the most common cell phone activity. No wonder 98% of text messages get opened, because a short message is the sweetest. No one can resist that little bubble over the SMS icon.