Enterprise Messaging

Businesses use Enterprise A2P messaging communications to efficiently communicate with their customers around the globe, increase engagement with their partners and customers, and improve their business results. Short text messages have become the most widely used mobile app with uses including transactional, verification/ authentication, and promotional messaging. With 98% of all text messages read as opposed to only 22% of emails, this is an incredibly efficient way for enterprises to connect with their customers. Organizations of all sizes need a reliable, simple and measurable way of sending these messages. By using our proprietary best of breed routing solution and our own direct-to-carrier network we can direct your bulk SMS traffic via the fastest and most secure route, avoid multiple hops for better security, and lower latency. Our business texting platform offers you both one-way and two-way connections based on your needs and target regions, instant deliverability and complete control over your messaging traffic in real-time.

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Our online texting service platform gives you access to destinations worldwide, covering most of the 6 billion mobile users globally, expanding your reach to new international markets, solidifying customer relations, and strengthening your brand recognition. Engage your customers using two-way SMS for social networking, events, appointment bookings, TV entertainment, voting, gaming, and surveys. Increase your sales with promotions and offers directly to your customer's mobile. We provide local long codes and dedicated and shared short codes. It's an easy way for consumers to respond to your business offers and services.

With our unique 3-tiered pricing model, you can optimize your message delivery with our certified number and certified delivery options and never have to pay for undelivered messages. You can clean up your customers details in your database, accurately monitor your message delivery, and improve engagement and conversion rates. Our SMS Solutions product line offers many of the advanced features that enterprises require including flexible capacity, SMS short codes, 2-way messaging and real time delivery reports.

Key Features
  • More secure, more reliable communication
  • Bi-directional Unicode support
  • Higher delivery and engagement rates
  • Personalized Sender ID
  • Multi-tiered pricing model to manage costs
  • SMS Short Codes
  • Flexible capacity
  • Bulk Messaging
  • Delivery Reports
  • Message Queueing
  • Long SMS Concatenation
  • Global Reach