Online Fax

MMDSmart's enterprise grade fax solution saves valuable resources, increases productivity, and provides a secure monitorable communications channel. Our innovative precise routing technology for monitoring and progressing fax transmission routing ensures optimal fax performance and supports both T.38 Error Correction and T.30 (fax protocol) ECM Error correction. All of our faxes are transmitted over reliable, dedicated analog lines, and with hundreds of lines available to use, we can handle a large number of faxes at any given moment so you never receive a busy signal, or wait for other users to finish using the line.

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This hosted fax solution enables "anytime/anywhere" reception, is highly scalable and includes backup routing to ensure failsafe delivery of your sensitive fax messages. It seamlessly integrates with the most commonly found office email services, as well as from any application that can send its documents as email attachments making it simple and convenient to send and receive faxes anytime you're at your computer or on your mobile device. Once you receive a fax, you can forward, print, or delete it, exactly as you would with a regular email message. Our solution also supports public key signature and can encrypt both inbound and outbound faxes. It meets the most stringent privacy and security regulations, and is compliant with both the Privacy Mark and HIPAA regulations.

Desktop faxing does not require any installation and functions exactly like your email service. It's also very economical- there's no maintenance, software or capital equipment costs, as well as no set-up, support or monthly fees. You can also create individualized fax broadcasts, sending one document to tens, hundreds, or thousands of fax recipients. And, when you're away from your desktop, you can send your faxes through a convenient online form or via your mobile phone.

Key Features
  • Easy and Convenient - Supports most email and business applications
  • Supports global data privacy standards
  • Anytime/Anywhere availability and scalability
  • 24/7 multilingual phone and email support
  • Guaranteed delivery with concurrent fax channels
  • Highly competitive ratess