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Smart Messaging Platform

Our innovative smart messaging platform is designed to deliver the results that organizations are seeking from their mobile messaging activities. Our text messaging service for business ensures that your business is sending exactly the right messages in the perfect context and at the most opportune time. It ensures that they are sending exactly the right messages in the perfect context and at the most opportune time. We call it “results driven messaging” – higher delivery rates, better consumer engagement and an increase in desired actions or conversion.

A significant percentage of all messages sent are not actually delivered to the intended recipients. Enterprises that initiate a messaging campaign are usually unaware of this, and often wonder why their messaging campaigns are not as effective as planned. Our tested smart delivery system verifies actual delivery to the intended recipient and has been found to increase conversions rates by almost 25% while lowering actual campaign costs.

Our experienced team of industry veterans works with organizations to analyze their messaging strategy and provide them with a scalable plan to optimize the results based on their needs. More effective and compelling campaigns, require careful planning of the routing, timing and content, and analysis of the context in which the messages are being sent.

We are so confident that our platform works that we’ve implemented an innovative 4 tiered pricing in which you only need to pay if we deliver the results that you expected from the campaign! In addition to competitive bulk messaging rates, we also offer the options to only pay for Delivered Messages (based on operator ability to provide delivery reports), for Verified Numbers (subject to fair usage policy), or only pay for Smart Delivery (based on provision of conversion data).

We provide a Self- Managed portal and dashboard, API’s with full integration or can manage the service for you. Using proprietary tools, and analysis of other successful and less successful campaigns, our experts help you design campaigns that are more effective in achieving your desired results. These tools include:

  • Bi – directional SMS
  • Patented Multi- Channel Engagement Tool
  • Multi- Media Messages
  • Personalized landing pages and personalized URL
  • Retail portal
  • HLR Look-Up
  • Anti-fraud filters

Interested in finding out more? Contact Ira and Daria at +1 (888) 7099187 any time of the day and if we’re unable to speak at that moment, we’ll call you back as soon as we can. Or send us an email and we’ll set up a time to talk that’s most convenient for you.