Strategies to Make Your User Base More Active.

Smart Strategies to Monetize Your Mobile Network.

You have a great network of loyal customers that you have earned through hard work and careful nurturing. These clients listen and then invest in your products or services. Working to engage that growing list keeps you up at night.  They represent both your company’s past and future revenue, your best customers and your business’ greatest asset. Working smarter to connect to them is the most important challenge that your company faces.

Nowadays, people have shorter attention spans and a lot of demands on their attention. At the same time, it’s well known that mobile stands alone at the top of the list of attention getters on the planet. Here’s a few numbers from a 2018 smart phone forecast;

  • 2.3 Trillion A2P (application to person) messages will be sent by mobile apps companies.
  • 68% of mobile users check their phone handsets at least every hour, 20% check the phone every 10 minutes or less.
  • 81% of users prefer SMS messages over other types of communication.

Mobile messaging has a key role in connecting friends, family and business. Businesses find that messaging is both easy and productive, accessible and global. It’s a truly superior way for your business to interact with your customers. Visit our Message Whiz SMS API site for more information on text messaging service for business.

To make an impact with our audiences we need to make engagements short and meaningful. We need, an unimpeded connection with users to drive engagement, conversion and brand awareness. We need, an automated solution that responds to the customer journey and the goals of the organization instantly and securely.

Use A2P messaging as an effective means to engage, convert and retain customers.

The SMS text is proven to get people’s attention and pre-dates the smartphone by decades. Messaging is the core of a person’s communication system and a main enabler in the digital economy. While user adoption of mobile apps grows, it serves as the ultimate trusted communication channel. Here’s some examples of how business reach their users.


Comforting and Assuring.

A real lifesaver and very handy to know at baggage claim.

An alternate if a customer is away from the home computer.

Great way to keep in touch with customers.

Reach out and engage.

Send a URL that is interactive. Send SMS real time from support or sales. A2P can also be sent to a database of clients either in a timed release or all at once.

Simple SMS messages with key information at critical times are important for consumers. Consider purchase tracking, password alerts or monetary transaction updates, which all work best in the short message format. You will find that consumers appreciate a channel that fits their needs with a useful notice. In a survey, 83% of users welcome company based business SMS texting. Use messaging to promote, re-engage and drive conversion for your company and apps.

Ira Cohen

VP Business Development and Marketing

MMD Smart