Case Study: Implementing a Multi-channel Campaign Solution

Smart Messaging Use Cases

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Here are some examples of how our clients increased delivery rates, vastly improved engagement, and received significantly better conversion from their customers.

Use Case #2: Implementing a Multi-channel Campaign Solution

MMD Smart Messaging increases customer engagement for a major entertainment company theme park. Time and location sensitive messaging results lead to higher coupon usage and more mobile app downloads.

Summary. The entertainment company desired to increase app usage and sales from coupons at their popular theme park. Emailing customers in advance of their visit wasn’t working. They found the coupons emailed weeks before the park visit were forgotten. The company also sought to drive people to the interactive mobile app. Especially those buying admission tickets at the park entrance. But without knowing that the app could enhance their visit, they never downloaded it.

The Messaging Pioneers engineered a campaign to communicate with park guests based on when they bought their tickets. Multiple channels of messages engaged excited families at appropriate times. SMS and voice calls enhanced the park experience as well as provided links to coupons and the theme park app


by Ira Cohen, VP Business Development

Business Challenge. The entertainment company emailed to visitors that bought tickets online before their visit. They received coupons emailed in the period between buying and the actual park entry date. Sent too far in advance of the visit to make an impact, by the time guests came to the park they forgot all about the coupons. The theme park also encouraged guests at the park entrance to download and use an interactive app. But, guests buying entrance passes into the park didn’t see the value of the app in their excitement. They had the perception that the app wasn’t worth the time and effort to download and use.

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Technical Challenge.

The theme park wanted the coupons to improve sales of food and products important for profits. The Android and the iOS app had time sensitive pointers, leading visitors around the park. The app was an effective tool at specific locations and during well understood time periods in the park. The challenge was to help both visitors that bought tickets months in advance as well as those that purchased passes the same day. The goal, to get them to use the coupons and download the app. Also, the owner didn’t want to disrupt the flow of attractions and theme park experience in any way.

Our Solution. MMD Smart Messaging implemented their patented multi- channel solution. Configuring and automating the delivery of marketing materials using A2P technology. Defining specific times to reach out to specific devices and email addresses. Using a pioneering system built to deliver text and voice communications to mobile, voice and email channels. The entertainment company paid for delivered messages and in special cases, paid only for conversions.

Smart Messaging designed a campaign based on entrance time and location in the park. Approximately 20 minutes after a visitor entered the park and reached a location milestone, a Smart A2P message fired. In this case, it was an interactive voice response (IVR) message from a popular theme park character. The fun and entertaining reminder welcomed families to use the coupon. At the same time via SMS, a coupon link on their mobile device appeared. On site ticket purchasers had a similar experience. An IVR encouraged them to download the app. When they downloaded the app at the park entrance, they received an IVR voice message reminder to use the app. The app gave them information about park attractions and wait times, as well as promotional coupons and special rewards. Both voice, text messages and app push notifications became part of a positive park experience. Utilizing contextual data about customer visits, MMD Smart technology delivered.

Results. For a long time, the entertainment company sent out sales promotions and built theme park mobile apps that were little used.

The MMD Smart pioneering campaign transformed the entertainment company by focusing on engagement. By delivering drip emails and SMS before a visit and then targeting messages to guests when they were near or in the park, MMD Smart increased sales and downloads. Promotions at the most opportune moments made the difference. Only then the park owners saw the results they were looking for.

The timely messages provided both branding and sales opportunities. For the first time, the theme park app and coupons got the attention of the intended audience. The marketing made a positive difference and added value to the park experience. Using the tools developed by Smart Messaging was a great choice for the entertainment company’s C-suite. There was a noticeable rise in sales from mobile delivered coupons. Conversion and usage increased by a healthy 21%. Onsite app downloads increased by over 30%. The well-known enterprise with huge investments in a theme park, happy at last at the increase in usage of their marketing tools. Considering the crowds visiting the park, they were happy to see its coupons and promotions moving in the park stores. Their vision for the marketing campaign finally comes to fruition.