Anatomy of an A2P Message. What is A2P?

Personal SMS messages have become ubiquitous and have been a staple application of cellular communications for more than 20 years. More recently mobile messages are being used as a marketing or notification tool between enterprises and their customers.

Unlike personal messages, enterprise SMS (for example, text message advertising) does not require of moving thumb and finger across a smartphone keypad. Instead they are sent using an Application to Person (A2P) computer program. Connected to the net, these A2P web apps send an automatic text message to a mobile phone.

Using A2P SMS you can apply standard computing tools to do almost any SMS task. Create a simple path like sending via SMS an important notification to a list of subscribers in a database. Or, send an SMS message with a unique code to any user that logs into your application or website for security validation.

For marketing purposes, A2P can send a text to a list of mobile phones in your database. Just like that, you’ve sent a coupon for tonight’s pizza and calzone special to fill the seats of your restaurant. Or let people know in your neighborhood that there’s a special on oil changes at their local auto repair shop.

A developer can embed A2P messaging into an application, for example, to send reminders 30 minutes before any appointment from a scheduling app. Likewise, a text message can be to a customer from a call center to notify them that someone is trying to reach them.

This is the personal note, the familiar SMS in a new paradigm. Now the SMS is a marketing coupon, a reminder or notification from a bank. The text message is integral in today’s mass communications network. A2P broadens its scope, and with a 95% open rate, has proven to be one of the most effective means for enterprises to communicate with their customers.