SMS for business
SMS Platform for Business Marketing and Notifications
  • MMD Smart is an industry leader in Application to Peer (A2P) messaging technology.
  • Get rigorous solutions for enterprise projects.
  • Send SMS URL links, one time passwords and response requests with the highest levels of consumer engagement.
A2P Messaging
Send the right messages in the perfect context and at the most opportune time.
We call it “results driven messaging”
    • MMD Smart offers security, reliability, and performance for enterprise organizations.
    • The only results-driven product out there, we guarantee delivery. You pay only for SMS messages that work.
    • Win customers with a superior technology and an easy to use development API.


     Ira Cohen discusses MMD Smart’s industry leading engagement levels at the Mobile World Congress, Barcelona 2017.

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Case Studies
Messaging App Improves On-boarding
A messaging OTT like Whatsapp had problems delivering their first contact texts to customers. This case study shows how MMD Smart's priority delivery turned things around.

Theme Park App and Coupon Usage Increases by Using a Multi-Channel Campaign
A huge entertainment company desired to increase app usage and sales using coupons. This case study shows how you can get the same fantastic results using MMD Smart's enterprise formula.
High end Product Conversion using A2P
High net worth users are worth millions, but when your messages aren't' timed right you could lose them. This case study shows how intelligent applications can deliver.