Case Study: Implementing a Multi-channel Campaign Solution

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Use Case #2: Implementing a Multi-channel Campaign Solution

Smart Messaging Improves Engagement through Implementing a Multi-channel Campaign Solution leading to higher Coupon and App Conversion Rates for a Major Entertainment and Theme Park Operator.

Summary: A well-known entertainment and theme park operator needed to increase usage and sales from coupons that it was emailing to theme park visitors in advance of their visit. They found visitors to the park didn’t utilize the coupons which were emailed to them weeks prior. The company also sought to drive visitors to the park’s mobile app. Especially targeting those who purchased their admission tickets at the park entrance, who oftentimes didn’t know the app could enhance their visit.

See how Smart Messaging was able to create an interactive and intelligent communication with park guests based on their means of entrance. By using multiple channels to engage visitors including well timed SMS and voice calls; Smart Messaging provided park guests easy and smart access to coupons and the theme park app.

by Ira Cohen, VP Business Development

Business Challenge: The customer emailed sales promotions and coupons to visitors buying tickets to the theme park from an online website. They were sent devoid of the theme park visit context or too far in advance of the redemption date to be relevant, they were simply forgotten by the recipient, they lacked immediacy. The coupons are part of a marketing campaign directed toward online purchasers. Targeted to them in the interim period between the time of online sale of admission tickets and the actual park entry. On the other hand, guests who bought same day entrance tickets at the park were hurried and excited, they did not see the inherent value or reward from downloading and using an app which only had a one day benefit.

Technical Challenge: Both marketing campaigns, the online coupons for park passes which were sometimes purchased months in advance, and the theme park focused Android and iOS app had very time and location sensitive components. The visitor had to be in specific theme park locations and well understood time periods during their visit for the campaigns to be effective. On one hand the customer doesn’t want to disrupt the flow of the park visit, on the other, the coupons and app contained important sales and data points that needed to be met in order to maintain profitability.

Our Solution: With MMD Smart Messaging patented multi- channel campaign solution, messaging systems were built to deliver complementary text and voice communications over multiple channels. Utilizing time and contextual data, Smart Messaging designed a push campaign which sent an IVR voice message from a popular theme park character approximately 20 minutes after a visitor entered the park and reached a location milestone. The fun and entertaining reminder welcomed the visitor to use the coupon that they had previously received with a link on their mobile device. On site ticket purchasers were offered similar SMS coupons and special rewards upon downloading the app at the park entrance, and then received the same IVR voice message reminder to use the app.

Results: After long periods when the entertainment company distributed little used marketing coupons and theme park apps, the intelligent campaign which focused on engagement while the guests were near or in the park, noticeably increased sales and downloads. By using appropriate Contextual Data Triggers guests had reason and purpose to receive and use the coupons for the first time since they were introduced by the customer. These messages provided both branding and sales opportunities. For the first time, it’s theme park app and links were being utilized by the intended audience at the right time. These Multi- Channel Engagement Tools engineered by Smart Messaging and designed by the customers marketing department was a great combination of delivery know how and marketing acumen. There was a noticeable rise in sales from mobile coupons. Conversion and usage increased by a healthy 21%. Similarly, onsite app downloads increased by over 30%. The well known entertainment company was pleased at the net increase in usage and was happy to see its vision for this marketing campaign finally come to fruition.

About MMD Smart Messaging: We started MMDSmart in 2007 with the mission to provide smart communications solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our initial products focused on global voice interconnections, but we have since enhanced our product offering to include messaging, fax and chat. With headquarters in the high tech hub located around Tel Aviv, and offices in Hong Kong and Kiev, we are able to attract the finest technical and business personnel staff, all focused on providing the highest quality service to our partners and clients. We are proud that many tier 1 global companies from more than 100 countries have chosen us to provide them with their business critical and highly sensitive communications needs. As we widen our global scope, our initial mission and commitment to our customers stays the same; MMDSmart. Connect. Engage. Smile